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Lola’s award winning catering department has one goal: For every guest to experience what is Lola’s. From a small intimate dinner for 10, to a couple celebrating their wedding, to your mother’s birthday. Lola’s can make any occasion a memorable one.

We can create the Lola’s experience in settings away from the restaurant—from homes and galleries to cultural institutions, you name it. Through our experienced team we can make any event whether intimate, or festive, from a handful of guests to hundreds an event to remember.

It all starts with you! What is your vision? How many guests, when and where? There is no set structure when it comes to Lola’s Events. We custom build your event through a thorough understanding of your desires and dreams, weave in the uncompromising quality of our food and service, then bring it all to life.


For inquiries for events sooner than 72 hours Contact our Catering Team
(800) 893-LOLAS (5652)

M-F 9AM – 5PM




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